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I know you have been scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and other travel sites for advice on where to go and what to see and do. But how do you know that they have your best interests and life situation in mind?

Away for a Spell provides guides on budget-friendly, off-the-beaten-path travel that really allows you to experience a destination as a legit grown-ass woman! As well, this blog site is further supported by photography, because what is life without pictures? I focus on photos while away, portraits of women in business, and lifestyle shoots of AirBnBs. 

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At my desk at home!

At my desk at home!

Ever since I was ten years old and went on my first big trip to the Caribbean, I have been hooked on travel. When I picked up my first manual black and white camera when I was in high school, I realized that photography was a captivating art that I would never let go.

I would always be the one, whether on family trips or with friends, taking so many photos! After every trip, I always (and continue to) want to plan the next trip.

After returning home from living abroad in Scotland, I knew that I had to create a travel blog. I wanted to and continue to inform people on travel and inspire them with my photography.


Location, Location, Location


To get you started, here’s a preview of some of my destination guides! They are extensive, so make sure you have a pot of tea ready!



As soon as you see the white walls, blue doors and windows, you know that you are in Greece.

Here, all your Greek food favourites are present in their authentic glory. Baklava, lamb slouvaki, domlathes, and the basics of humus and pita bread

The best way to organize a trip to Greece is to take part in the most noble of traditions - island hopping!

Check out Santorini, Mykonos and my favourite, Naxos!


Morocco is the most exotic and incomparable country I have been to so far.

There is nothing like the copper-toned sands of the Sahara Desert, the bustling medina of Fez and the noise and colour of Marakesh.

The beauty does not stop there, houses, buildings, and hotels are next level design-wise. Alway look up, because that ceiling is just as stunning as everything else!

In Morocco, African and Arab cultures come together to showcase a unique culture.


With all the talk of Outlander and the Outlaw King, Scotland is quickly growing its movie credentials and welcoming more tourists.

Scotland also has a super cozy vibe with its numerous pubs. Cities such as Edinburgh welcome you with cute cobble stone streets, brick row houses. Catch all the Harry Potter references and sites while you are here!

Travel further north to take in the dramatic wild landscape in the Highlands and Isle of Skye.


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