About Away for a Spell

In my happy place - Isle of Skye, Scotland.

In my happy place - Isle of Skye, Scotland.


Oh, hey there! I’m Kathleen. I’m so glad you landed here!

Away for a Spell is dedicated to helping people like you get travel inspiration and the best advice and reviews on where to adventure next.

Listen, I know you have limited time off from work and like to stick to a certain budget. You and I both have a never ending sense of wanderlust and don’t listen to people in our lives who tell us to settle down and focus on a 9-5 job. And that’s ok. In fact, I’m giving you permission to really go for it! Because living your best life and traveling go hand in hand. I’m sure you agree. I’m here to help you travel as efficiently and with as much fun as possible!

You in? Join my experience seekers community here to get the inside scoops and rest your travel heart!

Some quick info:

Here you’ll find more about my life living abroad in Scotland, planning your next adventure, and reflective thoughts on travel.

P.S. I have also created a free packing list and a free fillable money tracker to help you nail down the essentials of travel too.


More About my Adventures & photography

Traveling has not been something I suddenly picked up. I have been a traveller since I was 10 years old until now at the awesome age of 30. I’ve travelled the long haul; family vacations by car and cruise ships, friend trips in Europe, University volunteer project in Mexico, living abroad in the UK, solo travel, and international group tours.

Like most travellers, there’s also a creative side in me that’s expressed through photography - which is an ever evolving practise, am I right? I love including visuals to help you see where I am and what I’m experiencing so that it’s like you’re right there with me!

This blog site is an ever developing passion project of mine. It started from leaving my UK working holiday too soon for a 9-5 job that I thought I would love. Reeling with so much pain having left Scotland, Away for a Spell was born!

Other than being obsessed with sharing my travels and photography with you, I also love horse back riding, cooking , pilates and hiking. Originally from and still living on the West Coast of Canada, I am blessed with soaking up the summer sun on the stunning local beaches with nearby trendy restaurants at Ambleside Beach and English Bay.

During the fall, I am spoiled with amazing foliage in Vancouver’s many tree-lined streets. Camera at the ready!

When it rains, I take refuge at Granville Island’s Public Market where I warm myself with the tastiest Chai latte and can purchase a wide range of gourmet food all from local farmers and producers.

If you’ve read this far, here’s what to do next;

I’d love for you to browse my destination guides to get you started, then, make a list of where you would love to travel most and send it to me! Tell me all about your plans on my contact me page! I’d love to hear about it and help you if I can.

Well, I have to get ready for my upcoming trip to South America!


Loving fall in Vancouver!

Loving fall in Vancouver!