Created my Travel Blog, Now What?


When I returned from trip to Scotland and Morocco in May 2018, I wrote a blog post about the difficulties of being a practising travel blogger and digital nomad. You can read that one here. Now that I have more experience with this line of work, I think it is time to revise that post. 

Angie Lal having the world’s best breakfast at the beach!

Angie Lal having the world’s best breakfast at the beach!

Being a travel blogger and digital nomad conjures up (for me that is) glamorous images of someone traveling anywhere on a whim, staying at luxury hotels, and my favourite, eating a stunning fruit, granola, yogurt breakfast on a floating tray by or in the pool or at the beach. At least, that’s what my imagination tells me. 

Now, I’m not here to tell you that this doesn’t happen to those who get the formula right. Rather, the purpose of this article is to share with you all where I am since I last wrote about the realities of travel blogging and being a digital nomad.

Insight #1: Yes, it is hard, but if you want bad it enough, you will make it happen. 

The image I described above about the stereotypical travel blogger enjoying life seems as though it is effortless, as if the experience showed up in a beautiful box at their door-step. Of course this is not true. 

This type of work and lifestyle requires constant planning and effort in the form of:

  • risk taking by reaching out to brands, companies in the space

  • collaborating with the right people 

  • learning new skills strategically that will propel you forward

  • creating content that people love and will come back to you for more.

To all those blogger that are eating my version of the best breakfast: just know that one floating breakfast set-up is mine!

Insight #2: Consistency is key. 

Oh this one. I’ve been staring this in the face recently. 

Ever since I started my 30-day Instagram challenge, I shied away from posting frequently unless I was traveling. That has been my excuse for so long. Now, that line of thinking has taken a backseat; it’s all about “create or die”. “Die” in this situation refers to breaking my promise to my followers, which of course hurts my credibility. Let me reassure you that this is not going to happen. 

In other words, consistency to me means you show up to those that follows you every day with an offering. Not only you remind them that you exist, but you also communicate that you have a story to share and tomorrow it continues. 

Insight #3: Developing an email list is gold. (Ok Jenna Kutcher, I get it!)

I’m sure that you have heard that you don’t own your followers on social media. The algorithm that everyone loves to trash really doesn’t have your back when it comes to creating a presence and business online. Your visibility on these platforms can change despite what you do. 

So now what? 

Email your people on the reg.

I have an email list that I am building. I love emailing everyone on that list. They are like my people in the back that are always rooting for me. This year I am prioritizing them more than every. I factor this list in more things I do, specifically in what news I can share with them. 

P.S., if you don’t know who Jenna Kutcher is (you will now), check her out on Instagram and through her website.

Insight #4: Fitting in travel while supporting yourself with a 9-5 job is a serious challenge. 

Super real talk here. As I currently work a 9-5 office job while I build up my money, skills, connections, and more. Fitting in travel can be a challenge. Having a two-week holiday limit per year makes things a bit restricted. There are some geographic challenges as well, since there are not many countries around Canada that I can quickly jet off to on a weekend as I could in Europe. 

It’s not impossible.

Proper planning and finding a job that I love that allows me to work remotely are some good fixes. You can bet that I am working on finding some of those! Blog post coming on jobs that allow you travel soon! EDIT: You can read the post on 8 Jobs for the Travel Obsessed here.

Insight #5: You still have to provide value to your community even if the travel sphere is saturated. 

One of my biggest hang-ups with joining the travel sphere is the shear number of people that are in it and who dream to be in it. There is a plethora of content out there on a wide range of topics such as destinations, life situations that propel you to travel, activities, food, and more. Sometimes it feels like it has all been done. 

Other times, I feel that this is just another excuse. Travel influencers can share their experiences around the world with their own personality, stories, creativity, and reasons for doing so in the first place. This changes everything. For me personally, this gives me the most hope. 

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