Why I Have a Severe Case of Wanderlust

Palais Bahai-Oujda in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Palais Bahai-Oujda in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Last September, I wrote a post on why I travel and my type of travel. After re-reading this post, I want to re-answer that question in this new blog post with six specific responses. As I am planning to travel to either South America or South East Asia this year, I feel this piece is perfect timing.

I don’t want to settle down. 

I have touched on this before in some of my other posts, but living abroad in the UK has changed my definition of home. The fact that I know I can make a home somewhere else than Vancouver makes me want to keep searching for that next potential home. Not everyone will understand this feeling, but if you have lived abroad and fallen in love with a new place, I’m sure you can relate. 

I want to get out of my home bubble.

The joy of the open road - photo from unsplash, by Tim Trad.

The joy of the open road - photo from unsplash, by Tim Trad.

For me personally, being at home for too long gives me a form of cabin fever. As much as home is comforting and familiar to me, this can also feel suffocating at times. Seeing how people live differently than you, eat different food, think differently, and have their own unique landscape to see everyday is very therapeutic and eye-opening for me. 

I want to photograph as many unique and wonderful places.

I recently made an Instagram post on how to be inspired with photography at home. While I personally value and use my own advice, photographing places that require a plane journey and is brand new to you is super inspiring. I always try to capture unique angles and perspectives when traveling, especially at the very touristy places. 

I want to learn more about the world first hand instead of Consuming the NEws and WATCHING MOvies.

There is nothing like experiencing a place with a lot of history firsthand. In January 2017, I took a weekend trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Belfast has seen its fair share of horrible history filled with violence and extreme division. Now that that period has based, seeing the peace wall, the Catholic and Protestant neighbourhoods, the most bombed hotel in the world, it puts something tangible with me and that period in history. 

I get energized by going somewhere new and meeting different people. 

Even though I am an introvert, being on the go and meeting different people than I would at home energizes me. While living in Edinburgh, I joined Meet-up to expand my social circle and learn about the people that lived in my new home. If you read my post in this blog’s section - My Life in Scotland, you can read about my Meet-Up adventures and other aspects with living abroad. 

I want to become more of travel authority by gaining more knowledge on a variety of destinations. 

Nothing says credible travel influencer better than seeing someone that travels to several places a year that are all different, doesn’t have English as an official language and are a bit arduous to get there. This shows a willingness to become a well-rounded traveller, to always keep an open mind and most importantly to learn about our complicated and fascinated world. This point is part of the many reasons why I want to travel to South America, South East Asia and a growing number of places.