Reflections on my 100th Instagram Post

From Unsplash, Adam Jang.

From Unsplash, Adam Jang.

I started writing this article yesterday when Instagram and Facebook were both down for basically the whole day! It didn’t have a huge impact on me as I was at work, but I did notice that my notifications and feed were a bit too quiet. I also still have my blog and email list to communicate with some of my people. It got me thinking about my relationship with Instagram and social media in general.

Today’s Instagram post marks 100 posts on the platform. I’m writing this article to commemorate the number and share my thoughts thus far.

  1. It’s all new to me. 

You may not know this, but I have two Instagram accounts. One is my personal account, set to private where I post random things about my life and only follow people I know personally. I also post extremely erratically and I never pre-plan anything there. The other is the account that supports this blog, @away_for_a_spell. It was created a few months after this domain went live from joining a business mastermind group. 

Using Instagram to build a following, a community and aspiring to build a business is a whole other game. Suddenly hashtags become a big deal, so did the quality of my posts, my captions, my photos, everything. I even got more choosey with who I follow - only travellers, photographers, entrepreneurs and other aspiring people. 

Then came engagement. Before I rarely commented on people’s posts, which made me not that social on social media. This all changed when I took an Instagram course and as a result joined a comment pod. If you don’t know, a comment pod refers to a group of Instagram accounts who agree to like and comment on each other’s posts everyday. This was a lot of work for me, because not only I had to up my Instagram posting frequency, I also had to meaningfully engage with others in order to remain part of the pod. 

Then came consistency. About a month ago, I decided to post every day on Instagram for a month. I began to take this app more seriously, along with my ability to create content. More on this later. 

2. Feast and famine. 

Building from the previous point, there are times, especially when traveling that I could post multiple times a day. That’s why I end up posting multiple photos in one post at the end of the day. 

When I’m home, it’s another matter. I have got to dig deep. I find that the content planners and several uninterrupted hours of brainstorming really do the trick.  

It’s a relentless beast. 

3. Making an impact

Putting yourself out there on Instagram is scary. Seriously scary, like sometimes I don’t even want to check my phone.  

This is especially the case when you are a beginner at all of this or you are not quiet yet where you want to be. You are super raw, sensitive and have so much to learn. It can feel daunting and overwhelming at times. But when you make an impact resulting in a follower engaging with one or more of your posts, oh it feels so good! 

4. Respect

This is a big one.

I respect the app more. I understand more what it can do for my dreams, my blog, and eventually my business. I want to master it all. 

I respect those whom I follow that show up for me on a daily or consistent basis. I closely watch these people, re-reading their captions throughout the day, reading the comments on their posts right along with them, and of course dropping them a line when I feel super inspired or touched by their posts. 

I respect the game and the grind more. I get so inspired and motivated when I see accounts grow naturally and that it changes their businesses and lives. And this is why I have some strong opinions on ‘follow for a follow’,  and ‘follow and un-follow’. Nothing gets me madder when I see spammy messages in my DMs about promos on buying followers, likes or other engagement. 

I respect truth, authenticity and anyone’s hard work and creativity on this app. Here’s to a hundred and more posts on Instagram!

Away for a Spell