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30 Travel and Photography Intentions

If it hasn’t been said enough - happy new year everyone!

This year is a big one for me personally, because I turn 30 in March… Gasp. I have many goals, or rather intentions for this year. My first step in making these intentions happen is to write them down and visualize. So, that’s what I am doing with you. Specifically, I thought I’d share with you 30 of my travel and photography goals, (15 for each category) in honour of my soon-to-be 3 decades on this planet.

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ReflectionAway for a Spell
A Reflective Post on Travel: Why and How I Travel

Many people have asked me why I like to travel and what type of I practise (e.g. luxury, solo, budget, etc…). Rather than taking a few minutes to give a fully developed answer, I often shrug ‍and smile by saying because it’s fun and I like exploring. I also summarize my type of travel as just wanting to see as much as possible. While that’s true, it’s not the full answer.

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