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Not Another Fringe Festival Post | My Favourite Meet-Ups | Part 2

Here’s the post that talks about how I had fun in Edinburgh and grew to really love the city. After settling into my flat (with Internet) and sorting out work, I was keen to start meeting new people. A former co-worker of mine at home (coincidentally Scottish), told me that an easy way to meet new people in a brand new place when you are no longer in school is to use Meet Up. For those of you that are not familiar, Meet Up helps people  meet new people by creating events basically doing anything, anywhere, such as a pub night, city tour, fitness class, etc..

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Not Another Fringe Festival Post | My Early Days in Edinburgh | Part 1

When I first came to Edinburgh on September 5, 2016, I honestly did not immediately like the city. I know shocker. For someone that had spent several months drooling over Instagram pictures (notably Visit Scotland), I honestly thought I would fall madly in love the moment I walked off the train that brought me from London’s King Cross station to Edinburgh Waverley for my new life. For some reason, the grim look of the majority of the buildings in the city did not appeal to me.

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