An OCD's Guide to Packing the Perfect Carry-On


Packing for any airplane trip is a skill I am constantly improving and I know I’m not alone. Of particular interest in that ever important carry-on. Canada’s two major airlines, WestJet and Air Canada have recently increased their checked baggage fees to $30. Now more than ever, there is more incentive to pack for a trip using only your carry-on luggage. 

I’d like to be one of those people who can leave the plane with only a carry on and stroll off to the destination without waiting and struggling! But, I don’t think I’m there yet… I have compiled a selection of the best tips for packing a carry-on from online and from my personal experience.

Seven Tips to Pack a Better Carry-On

Tip #1: You always want to have a change of clothes in case your checked luggage does not follow you. Roll these instead of folding as this takes up more room.

Tip #2: Place your heavier items near the base/wheels of the suitcase. 

Tip #3: Use packing cubes, ideal for socks, underwear, etc…

Tip #4: Use free samples for toiletries as often as possible! 

Tip #5: Get yourself a little case for all those pesky (yet essential) cords and chargers. I like the use of cases so that I’m not digging in my bag to find something I need. I only need to remember which case it is in!

Tip #6: Download an e-book app on your device so that you don’t take heavy books. 

Tip #7: Remember that you can always buy items you need at your destination, such as razors, sunscreen, etc.… Plus it is fun (at least I think) to check out foreign drug stores!  

Want to see what I will pack, particularly for Greece? List bellow! 👇🏻Plus, click this link  and drop your email into the prompt to get a PDF packing checklist! 

My Greece Carry-On List

My current packing situation, minus the candle and crystals!

My current packing situation, minus the candle and crystals!

  1. Toiletries: 

      1. hand sanitizer

      2. Face Mask

      3. Mini deodorant

      4. Hand cream

      5. Lip balm

      6. perfume

      7. facial cleanser

2. Tech: 

      1. Laptop in case with charger and headphones

      2. i-phone with charger (on airplane mode unless on wifi or using a local SIM card)

      3. Power Adapter

      4. Power Bank

      5. Camera with SD card, charger, and USB in case

3. Importants:

      1. Passport

      2. Boarding Pass

      3. Hotel and/or tour confirmations

      4. Proof of travel insurance

4. Comfort Kit: 

      1. Sweater

      2. Socks

      3. sleep mask

5. Clothes:

      1. Dresses

      2. bathing suite & wrap

      3. pjs

      4. jeans

      5. tees

      6. sweater

      7. undies, bra

      8. sandals

6. Miscellaneous: 

      1. Snacks: granola bars

      2. Sunglasses

      3. Pen & small notebook

      4. tissues

      5. painkillers