Five Summer Destinations that Bring Out the Best in You

From Unsplash, Qijin Xu.

From Unsplash, Qijin Xu.

Following my post on winter destinations, comes places for the exact opposite season - summer. I don’t know about you, but I have a serious summer craving. There is nothing more uplifting than taking in the turquoise, bath-tub temperature water around a gorgeous sandy beach with the sun beating down around you. The air even smells more delicious and feels so much more alive. I personally feel that I am a better person when the weather is decent! Ha ha.

So, where should you go to get this rejuvenating feeling that positively impacts your well-being? I’ve got you covered with my list of five places below.


This Caribbean island and I have been a version of star-crossed lovers with our schedules never aligning. Whenever there is a yoga retreat with a space available (more about that later), I can’t go because something significant has come up. In other words, I’ve been struggling to be able to go to Aruba. I am so interested in going (and you should too) mainly because it’s a random Caribbean Island that I have never heard of until I started following Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on Instagram. I have been captivated by the island life, the insane colours in the sunsets and Rachel’s yoga retreats.

Aruba also has a mild rainy season, so you can really go anytime! It also has a novelty feeling due to its location is near South America and a short flight away to Costa Rica.

The Maldives

From unsplash, Fayaz Moosa. Whoever designed and built this, I salute you!

From unsplash, Fayaz Moosa. Whoever designed and built this, I salute you!

Oh the Maldives! I feel that this is the ultimate honeymoon destination!

This is another random place that I never heard of until I got someone’s out-of-office email saying they were vacationing here. Excellent choice! The Maldives, a collection of 1,000 coral islands are located in the Indian Ocean, 6,000 km south from South Africa.

It is literally one of the most stunning collection of islands ever. The resort communities there just make my heart sink, in a good way. The photos make you want to eat breakfast out on your balcony, overlooking the pool and the ocean. I think you could get some serious journaling and personal reflection done, all while getting a tan and dipping in and out of the water (pool or ocean) of your choice.


Bali is a place I am almost 100% determined to visit this year (2019). I know so many people love this place. For me, it looks like the ultimate bohemian and relaxed getaway, while being gently introduced to South East Asia.

There is unique scenery such as rice paddies, volcanic mountains, and beaches to write home about. I can’t get over it! I also have a vision of eating a smoothie bowl topped with local fruit and freshly shaved coconut.


Random fact, Malta is where Queen Elizabeth II lived during the early years of her marriage to Prince Philip. So, if it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for me!

To help us get our bearings, Malta is located between Sicily and the Eastern coast of Africa, near Tunisia. The island is full of historic sites dating back to the Romans and other ancient cultures. It was home to the Azure window (a rock formation with an opening like a window), which unfortunately got destroyed in a storm in March 2017. There is still the blue lagoon, a sheltered cove with overly saturated blue water for you to swim to your heart’s content.

The Seychelles

These islands came on my radar since I have taken more of an interest in traveling. Geographically speaking, the archipelago of 115 islands are also located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. Seriously, what is with that part of the world having the most mesmerizing islands?

The draw here is partly the remoteness and the unique wildlife and ecology. Sea turtles have been spotted laying their eggs on the beaches, healthy forests, and conservation efforts to preserve species are deeply intertwined with all matters construction and tourism.

Apologies if I have given you a serious case of summer wanderlust! All these islands to me symbolize the best of summer and they are all unique, which makes me love our world so much more!