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As a travel blogger and photographer, I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like- minded creators and travel and tourism brands and businesses.

One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world for a living, while delivering quality writing and photography. I plan to enter into mutually beneficial working relationships with tour companies, new hotels, luggage companies and more.

Talking about money in the form of rates right off the bat can seem bold and a turn-off to some. However, I believe it is better to be up-front with these sorts of things as it shows how serious I am and that I expect those I am working with to be same.

Below I have put together a base-line rate table of my services to do with blogging and photography in the travel and tourism spheres. I have also included a contact form for those interested in working with me to fill out to get the process started. The form is also to serve as a tool to discuss customizations.

I look forward to working with you soon!


So many beautiful looking soaps in stunning tins! Naxos, Greece

So many beautiful looking soaps in stunning tins! Naxos, Greece


Contact Me Form & Table

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Please allow for 24 hours for me to return your message while at home in Vancouver and 48 hours while traveling. Thank-you for your understanding.