Five Truly Creative and Inspiring Influencers to Follow Now


A few months ago, I wrote an article on travel influencers that I follow and enjoy their content. Since then, I have dived deeper into the world of photography, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Like many of you, I am in search of authentic, genuinely creative, and original work. My list of five influencers definitely fits that description. They range from videographers, photographers, travellers, and entrepreneurs. 

I hope you check out their work because it has set the bar higher for what is possible using a camera, and creating community. I am so happy that I have find them as they really inspire me and I hope they do the same for you. 

Sorelle Amore 

The art of the advanced selfie by Sorelle.

The art of the advanced selfie by Sorelle.

She is an Aussie videographer, photographer, YouTuber, human optimizer and just all around original and quirky human being. I am so happy to have found Sorelle’s content. I found her by searching on YouTube “how to make money traveling” and found this down-to-Earth and helpful video. Then, I found her video on how to take your own photos while traveling. Life-saver! She is also the creator of #Advanced Selfies, which she teaches and encourages people to take insanely good photos of themselves. From then, I was basically hooked. 

I gained more respect and admiration for her when I found out that she won a three-month sponsored trip by luxury home provider, Third Home. Sorelle was living in Iceland working on her photography and videography game while broke and increasingly depressed. As she puts it, it was really hard for an Aussie to live in Iceland… Yet, she applied to the Best Job on the Planet  and then won! For three months, she was paid $30,000 USD to travel to several countries while documenting it the best way Sorelle knows - on YouTube and Instagram. 

You may think I’m gushing right now, but seriously I think she offers one of the most unique content and on-point messages out there on social media. See for yourself on the following platforms and subscribe to help Sorelle reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube! (She is currently well over 500,000.)

Peter McKinnon

Being a little trippy with edits by Peter.

Being a little trippy with edits by Peter.

A fellow Canadian and cinematographer, photographer, and YouTuber, Peter has amassed a massive following of over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. With so much competition in the photographer and videographer worlds, this is quiet the accomplishment. 

What sets Peter apart from others is his personal touch to videos (captivating intros for example), his clear passion for his craft, and on-point tutorials. Peter’s tutorials are always easy to follow and apply to your learning. He has definitely helped me become a better photographer and become more comfortable with Lightroom. 

Peter is also a self-described coffee addict and comes from humble beginnings. He did a variety of retail jobs, last one which was for a camera store, before his sister gave him a camera as a thank-you present after her wedding. From then, a passion was born and the learning began. After some time, Peter went freelance, started his YouTube channel and went on other social media platforms such as Instagram. 

Peter has always had the anti-establishment attitude of disliking being told what to do and doing things his way. This could explain why he was never interested in learning photography at school or staying in College. Peter’s advice for beginner photographers is simply to shoot as much as possible in different conditions and locations. You can learn just as much (and even more) by shooting on your own and watching YouTube videos, as you can by going to school. I tend to agree with this advice.  

Check out Peter’s awesome videos and creative work on the following platforms:

Chris Cullen

Dat moon though.

Dat moon though.

A Vancouver based photographer, Chris has pursued photography after 15 years in a different career. He had artistic tendencies as a kid dabbling in pottery, guitar, digital music recordings. After trying videography, Chris realized that this art form was very time consuming and was a strain on his creative energy. He finally settled on photography, which soon became an ideal artistic fit. 

In selecting his photography genre, Chris decided to pursue several such as landscape, portraits, and architecture. He has created separate Instagram accounts for all these types, with portraits becoming a growing passion. His photography also includes composite art. A cool composite image I really like by Chris is the view of downtown Vancouver combined with a massive moon looming over. (See right.) It gives the city a magical, almost far-away feel. 

As you can tell from the picture just described, water is an important element in Chris’s landscape photography. It is no surprise that most of his favourite places in the city to shoot include water such as: Coal Harbour, False Creek, Lonsdale Quay and Whytecliff Park.

Even with the plethora of influencers out there, Chris prefers to not enter into that form of inspiration. Preferring to simply create what makes him happy and doing photography his own unique way, Chris can ensure that his work remains true to himself. With his current work on Instagram and a growing following, it is easy to conclude that Chris is following the right path.

Check out more examples of his work on Chris’s various Instagram accounts:

      • @ckcstudios

      • @ckcstudios_architecture

      • @ckcstudios_portraits

      • @ckcstudios_stockedits

Ready for a photo shoot!

Ready for a photo shoot!

Sara Dietschy

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Sara now calls New York City home. She is a talented YouTuber, videographer, podcaster, and tech connoisseur. With over 400,000 subscribers and counting on YouTube, Sara is creating unique content on creativity, how-to, daily vlogs such as getting a moped and re-doing her office space. It’s no surprise that someone that was in a band and created many videos as a teenager and young adult would make a living creating. 

Sara is definitely genuine, funny, and extremely talented as she won the job of being an Adobe Creative Resident for 2016/2017. For one year, the company that created Premier, Lightroom and other creative software sponsored Sara to create her own content and projects. 

Part of Sara’s likability and increase in subscribers is due to her consistent brand message focusing on making a living as an artist. She always starts her video with “rhymes with peachy” to help us pronounce her last name. I think this is cute and a great use of branding. Throughout many videos, she will offer this poignant advice, “dreams don’t work unless you do”. As well, Sara has created two series on her YouTube channel focusing on the lives and spaces of creative content creators entitled Creative Space TV (a documentary series) and Creative Life (how to live as a creative entrepreneur). 

Find and follow Sara all over social media:

    • YouTube: Sara Dietschy

    • Instagram: @saradietschy

    • Podcast: The Creative Exchange

    • Twitter: @saradietschy 

Lizzie Peirce

Lizzie singing in the rain!

Lizzie singing in the rain!

Another fellow Canadian, Lizzie is also a photographer, videographer and YouTuber. After University, she was a freelancer alongside her job. She finally quit working for the production company after realizing that the job did not offer her creative control. Lizzie has now been self-employed for two years. 

Lizzie’s content focuses on tutorials, advice on how to make a living as a creative content creator, and vlogs. Recently, I have watched her tutorial on how to edit photos to give a vintage warm look. She has a very inspiring intro trailer to her YouTube channel on what fuels her work and dreams. One key message is how Lizzie is driven to help other women pursue their dreams in creative industries, which is still very male dominated. 

I appreciate her honest advice and examples from her own journey to being self-employed in the creative industry. One key quote I noted from her is “ You only get as much as you put in”. 

Check out and follow Lizzie on the following platforms:

    • YouTube: Lizzie Peirce

    • Instagram: @lizziepeirce 

    • Twitter: @LizziePeirce