Ten Influencers to Get You Living Your Best Travel Life


There is nothing like scrolling through Instagram and seeing your feed full of colourful travel pictures from those living their best travel life as a blogger, Instagram influencer or the regular person on vacation. Before going away, we live on the Internet in search of quality blog posts so that we can plan our best trip. At any point, video content, either on YouTube or TV shows inspire us and help to understand the world.

You can be forgiven for feeling a bit dizzy at the sheer amount of travel accounts, blogs and videos out there — some more active and more creative than others.

You may be wondering, who should you follow and check out? Who will help you plan and have your back while you are traveling?

Glad you asked friend.

To answer that, check out these 10 super awesome, unique, entrepreneurial, and flat-out inspiring travel influencers. If they don’t make you want to book your next vacation or long-term travel adventure immediately, then we must talk.

Angie in Provence, learning to make perfume!

Angie in Provence, learning to make perfume!

Travel in her shoes (Aggie Lal)

Originally from Poland but calls LA home, Aggie is a happy, cheerful travel influencer that posts the most put-together images ever on Instagram. She has a gypsy, bohemian fashion style, which I think help to make her posts even more carefree and fun. I have followed her for nearly a year and I am still hooked. I’d be tickled pink if I met her!

Whether she is learning to make fragrances in France, to eating pizza on the roof of car while admiring the Amalfi coast, wandering around magical Jordan, and eating the cutest dim sum in Hong Kong, Aggie’s posts and content are a pleasure to look forward to.

She also shares inspirational quotes and messages that she writes herself, while giving us a glimpse into the required work ethic, time and dedication it takes to be a travel influencer. That’s probably what lead her to create and sell the most beautiful of presets (custom filters applied on RAW images in Adobe Lightroom). I cannot recommend her enough for her consistency in high quality images, stories and authentic voice.

Catch Aggie on:

The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten)

Kiersten, camera ready!

Kiersten, camera ready!

Kiersten is a California girl that decided to build a life on her own terms after a break up and walking away from a career in finance and Hollywood. As she puts it, the world is where she found her soul and purpose. Participating in numerous volunteer projects helped Kiersten find this purpose and offer realistic advice in an Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Travel.

Kiersten is a combination of a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I absolutely love her posts on the best outfits to pack for travel, such as what to wear in Morocco. I definitely followed her advice for my recent trip there.

She also shares the occasional vulnerable post on Instagram such as how she dedicated her time and energy to building a business, rather than feeling sorry for herself that she spent the majority of her 20s single. I applaud her for keeping it real and being comfortable to stand on her own. Now in a relationship, she also shares her travel adventures with her boyfriend, offering great couple travel advice.

Kiersten also promotes solo female travel, offering advice on safety, outfit decisions, girlfriend getaways, along with photography tours.

Catch the Blonde Abroad on:

  • Instagram: @theblondeabroad

  • YouTube: The Blonde Abroad

  • Pinterest: The Blonde Abroad

  • Facebook and Twitter: @theblondeabroad

  • Website: https://theblondeabroad.com

Dame Traveller (Nastasia Yakoub)

In Jordan with a beautiful red dress!

In Jordan with a beautiful red dress!

Nastasia focuses on a topic close to my heart, solo-female travel. She is dedicated to empowering women through travel and having them connect with one another through her platform. Nastasia says that the biggest perk from traveling solo is to reconnect with yourself.

Nastasia is from a unique background (Chaldean and Middle Eastern decent) who has parted ways with cultural norms of marrying young and staying home. Career-wise, she was a nurse in Chicago until she ended her career in this field after recovering from a serious back injury.

The Dame Traveller creator definitely has a restless-free spirit, which she describes that her mum had a helping hand in seeing “the not-so-hidden beauty of the world” and to “live intensely”.

Her blog site has many guest posts and her Instagram account shares content from many like-minded accounts and allows for the occasional Instagram take over. My favourite guest post on Dame Traveller’s site is by Sam Belkacemi, “Five Reasons to Fly and Adventure Solo”. This quote really captured my attention:

“You get to see what happens looks like in different parts of the world. There is something liberating about seeing that, although we speak different languages, we all smile in the same one”.

Catch the Dame Traveller on:

  • Instagram: @dametraveller

  • Personal Instagram: @nastasiaspassport

  • Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr: Dame Traveller

  • blog site: https://www.dametraveler.com

The Catch me if you can & Global Jet Black (Jessica Nabongo)

Jessica in Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Jessica in Saint Vincent and Grenadines

One of the sadly few travel influencers of African descent on Instagram, Jessica is on a mission to become the first black woman to travel to all the countries in the world. Currently as I write this article, she is at 119 of 195 countries.

I found out about her as I was looking around Medium for travel articles. Jessica wrote an eloquent rebuttal to a certain American President comment of “shit hole countries”. She dedicated the article to her favourite African countries such as Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Senegal and many more. The photos are absolutely beautiful, glamorous and give a sense of the amazingness of being in such unique places. Prior to reading this article, I had no intention of traveling to this part of the world. Maybe this was because of fear or lack of understanding. Now I’m inspired and I want to go. Perhaps after reading Jessica’s article, you will too!

Additionally, Jessica has created a tour company — Global Jet Black, dedicated to increasing tourism to Africa.

Catch Jessica and her company on:

Passion Passport (Zach Houghton)



Zach is a former trader in Hong Kong that decided that the travel lifestyle was more for him than the office. As he is from parents that embraced the travel lifestyle, this is no surprise.

He created a business through Passion Passport, which is a startup providing a space for travel inspiration, the sharing of worthy stories, creative photography and videography content, and marketing campaigns for brands and tourism boards. He has a newsletter, the “Boarding Pass” reflecting more of what goes on in the Passion Passport.

As is evident through the heavy focus on travel stories, Zach is focuses on how travel changes people and the emotions they go through while traveling, not to mention empowering the communities he visits. I love this, because travel is an emotional and personally changing experience.

Zach’s blog site has the interesting sections such as Instagram spotlight featuring storytellers, photography and videography basics and tips for sustainable travel.

On his Instagram, Zach shares stunning pictures such as a herd of horses shot at 39,000 feet in the air above Australia, a Dubai highway artfully covered in sand and many more. He also puts forward Instagram and photography challenges.

Catch the Passion Passport and Zach on:

  • Instagram: @passionpassport

  • Personal Instagram: @zachspassport

  • Facebook and Twitter: @PassionPassport

  • Website: https://passionpassport.com

My Life’s a Travel Movie (Alyssa Ramos)

Alyssa catching the sunlight!

Alyssa catching the sunlight!

Alyssa is essentially who I hope to become as a travel blogger. She is a full time traveller, self-made blogger, and confident as f**k. She is also down to earth and modest. Alyssa has rightly described travel blogging as “a job you just can’t apply for”. It’s all about the grit, determination and constant learning. Just like I’m doing, Alyssa worked several jobs before becoming a full-time blogger. This girl can hustle.

Even more amazing about Alyssa is that she started by avoiding to show her full beautiful face in pictures because she wants to prove she can succeed without beauty. Can we give this girl a medal? Alyssa even wrote an article about her feeling on this, entitled Yes I’m Pretty and I Travel Alone, which accidentally went viral. Her badass-ness is further on display with conquering her solo-travel fears with a trip to Egypt in 2017, in which she felt perfectly safe. Go Alyssa!

Catch My Life’s a Travel Movie on:

  • Instagram: @mylifesatravelmovie

  • Facebook: @mylifesamovie

  • Twitter: @AlyssaRamos

  • Pinterest: My Life’s a Travel Movie

  • YouTube: Alyssa Ramos

  • Blog: https://mylifesamovie.com

We are Travel Girls (Becky Van Dijk & Vanessa Rivers)

The girls being themselves!

The girls being themselves!

After meeting at a swimwear conference in London, Becky and Vanessa became friends and eventually decided to create a travel blog. The main focus of the blog is on the stories of solo female travellers. Now on their platform, they post interviews on women who inspire travel and being an entrepreneur through their “Ladies we Love” series.

On Instagram, each post includes a detailed and pertinent travel tip. My favourite tip is how to remain on a budget in Iceland, which is the fourth most expensive country. For cheap food, gas station hot dogs are delicious and not what you would expect. For accommodations, hostel and home stays are great options. For touring, locals and other travel apps are great low budget options.

We are Travel Girls has created a very active community with offline meet ups and getaways. I’d love to check this out one day soon!

Catch the Girls on:

Do you travel (Jack Morris)

Jack & Lauren

Jack & Lauren

Originally from Manchester, UK, Jack is another 9–5 escapee who has 2.8 million followers and counting on Instagram. The majority of his photos on Instagram feature him and his girlfriend, Lauren (@gypsea_lust), making his account reflecting serious travel couple goals. All his images have beautiful presets applied to them, which are available for sale.

Currently living in Bali, Jack and Lauren still travel around. One of my favourite trips they documented on their blog was learning about the journey of a diamond by Tiffany & Co. How cool is that?

Find Jack on:

Legal Nomads (Jodi Ettenberg)

Jodi in her blogging element.

Jodi in her blogging element.

Legal Nomads was created by fellow Canadian Jodi Ettenberg who is unfortunately on a hiatus due to a serious medical issue. I wish her all the well-wishes in the world. Nonetheless, check out her blog and Instagram because she presents a sophisticated and developed voice to the travel sphere. Legal Nomad’s unifying theme is on food, particularly soup. I love soup too, so I think we would get along just fine.

Her articles are definitely not run-of-the-mill, as they offer in-depth information and unique viewpoints. She is a former lawyer after all! She started the site to cover a one year trip around the world with another lawyer, hence the plural in Legal Nomads. After the year was up, Jodi was not done traveling and continued on for nine more years.

Some of my favourite articles include a Mexican taco shop (need I say more), how to avoid getting sick while eating street foodVipassana meditation workshopre-positioning cruise ship adventure, and many more. Seriously, I have spent hours reading her articles and scrolling through her Instagram of delicious food and stunning sunsets. I aspire to write as detailed and in the same captivating style as Jodi.

She also sells beautiful food maps of countries dear to her heart, such as Vietnam and Mexico. As she is a celiac, she has also prepared gluten-free restaurant cards on how to eat safely with this condition around the world.

Truly a unique voice and I hope she is well enough one day to get back out there traveling and blogging.

Catch her on:

Posthumous: Anthony Bourdain → Parts Unknown, No Reservations, The Layover

Anthony doing what he did best!

Anthony doing what he did best!

Anthony Bourdain was an Emmy and Peabody awarded travel TV host, former chef and story teller. I looked forward to his show, Parts Unknown as it came on CNN every Sunday, and even watched old episodes of his previous show, No Reservations. It was the one show my family and I all liked. I deeply enjoyed the feast portions of high-end and street food, along with the occasional or lots of drinking. His unique ability to represent the full picture of the places he visited was accomplished by discussing with interesting locals on the current political, social, economic and restaurant situation. As has been said, there was something for everyone.

He inspired my love of travel like no one else, especially the benefits of travel on your character, growing up and deepening your world view. There will never be anyone else that can capture his intellect, wit, humour and ability to put together such a good show. RIP Anthony, I hope you find the peace you didn’t have on Earth wherever you are.

My favourite episodes include:

*Short clip only on YouTube.

There may be many travel influencers, but they all have a unique take on the world. It doesn’t matter how often you travel or what your travel style is (cheap, mid-range, luxury, adventurous, solo, with your partner, etc…). Traveling can be tailored to fit your needs and help you understand more about this complex planet. All the influencers that I have shared with you clearly prove that with their own interpretation of places, experiences and products they promote.

I hope all these people and brands inspire you to live your best travel life!