Alternative Spaces to Get You to Do Your Best Work | Vancouver Edition


Choosing your work space is an important decision to make whether you are building or running your own business or in side-hustler mode while working a 9-5 job. Loneliness and cabin-fever symptoms (spending too much time at home) can crop up and affect your results. You require special resources and a community. 

Based on my recent experience on building a travel blog and Instagram while juggling office contract work, I believe it is crucial to have a positive environment and a community behind you. Enter the new and increasingly popular concept of co-working spaces. These are shared work spaces allowing you to work independently on your business, while having access to other entrepreneurs and networking events. 

I have profiled one new co-working space in home my home city of Vancouver that I think is the perfect place, especially for women to build their businesses. I encourage you to check out co-working spaces in your home city, as they are “challenging the notion of how things should be” in the workspace, and that should make you happy (source: Mind Space).   

Hervana Vancouver

View of the space: hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices.

View of the space: hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices.

Officially opened at the end of May 2018, this female-focused co-working space is hands down my favourite, as I basically live there right now. Not only is it created by my business bestie, Meredith Garritsen, it is also chic, bright, located in Vancouver’s bustling downtown core, and hosts incredibly empowering events. For instance, last week I attended a book launch party for a former business consultant turned best-selling author! 

Meredith introduced me to the concept of co-working. I had no idea it existed beforehand and I am so glad it does! According to Mind Space, co-working started in 1995 in Berlin by a group of hackers that came together to meet and work. Co-working became a term later that year by Bernard DeKoven, an American designer and fun theorist (what??). Yet, the term would evolve more. In 2005, Brand Neuberg launches an official co-working space in San Fransisco. In 2007, Google and Wikipedia add the term “co-working” to their search results, making it Internet official. 

Meredith’s reason for creating such a space is to have business women come together, share their struggles, their wins, and learn from each other. Meredith also has a specific goal and project of helping women become financially educated and self-reliant before they have a partner or are put in a position to handle finances themselves. 

Private office set-up.

Private office set-up.

At Hervana, there are several different types of membership options to suite your needs, such as hot-desks (communal tables), dedicated desks, and private offices. Each option based on hours at Hervana gives you access to super-fast and reliable wifi, coffee or tea, and a little kitchen area. 

There are substantial facts that indicate that co-working spaces like Hervana are becoming a permanent presence in the work space industry. Consider the following facts according to All Work Space:

      • The number of co-working members will rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022.

      • 84% of people who use co-working spaces are more engaged and motivated.

      • 72% of landlords agree that working with co-working operators has significant benefits for their developments.

If you live in the Vancouver area or will be traveling here, do come check out Hervana! Here are the details: