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A South East Asian Adventure

Following my post on South America, another destination I am thinking of traveling to this year (2019) is South East Asia. It’s a destination many people love to go to because the everyday expenses are cheap and there are so many unique cultures, making it a very different place. For me, it will be a challenge to get around because I do not speak or know how to read any of the languages. But, hey, this is part of my travel resolutions! I am also excited to see for myself a place that I also studied the politics at University.

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Five Summer Destinations that Bring Out the Best in You

Following my post on winter destinations, comes places for the exact opposite season - summer. I don’t know about you, but I have a serious summer craving. There is nothing more uplifting than taking in the turquoise, bath-tub temperature water around a gorgeous sandy beach with the sun beating down around you. The air even smells more delicious and feels so much more alive. I personally feel that I am a better person when the weather is decent! Ha ha.

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