5 Travel Trends to Make Your Next Trip Easier


I don’t know about you, but I fully nerd-out when I learn about what makes travel easier and what allows me to make better choices so that I can have an even better time away. There’s nothing like mastering the art of searching, and of course claiming bigger bragging rights to friends and family left at home of your super awesome trip. 

Recently, I read through various articles depicting the latest travel trends and have noted below the ones that you should pay attention to, because incorporating these into your next travel plans might just change make your experiences even more memorable.

  1. Seamless experiences 

Ease is all the rage when you want to go away, goes duh, you want to relax! Several new technologies come into play to do just that. Enter artificial intelligence, using your smart-phone to unlock your hotel room and track your luggage, and having ONE app to manage all your bookings. According to Elle UK, these are tools gaining traction throughout 2019. This will undoubtedly make the stressful booking process and keeping track of everything so much easier. Sign me up!

Source: Elle.com/uk

2. So pretty you can buy it too 

Ever think that your hotel room is sooo much prettier and better put together than you ever could decorate your home? Well, start rubbing your hands together with glee, there are hotels that you can actually buy everything that’s in your hotel room. These hotels are called “homeware hotels”. Check your next destination to see if there is such a hotel, because the list is growing!

Source: Conde Nast Traveller

3. The most exclusive home rentals 

Ever think that it would just be DIVINE to stay at a castle such as Highclere Castle that was used in Downton Abbey? Well, now you can actually stay there and several more glamorous and over-the-top places. It’s all part of exclusive home rentals, like AirBnB on steroids.

Source: Conde Nast Traveller

4. Small town travel 

Capital and popular cities are great for getting the iconic shot that tons of other travellers get and crossing off a place on your bucket list. With the unfortunate phenomenon of over-tourism becoming an ever present reality, small towns are everything a unique and cultured traveller needs. Places are less known, appear fresher, and generally less crowded. You also get a glimpse into the real pulse of a country by visiting small towns.

Source: Adventure Student Travel

5. Travel that respects the planet and people 

Increasingly (and thankfully), more travellers are realizing the impact of visiting various places such as the environmental, human rights, socio-economic aspects. More travellers are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic and participate in beach cleanings. As well, preference for places that are friendlier to the LGBT community and solo-female travellers, along with overall respect for all human rights remain top of mind.

Source: Elle.com/uk

These five trends are all so exciting and will undoubtedly make traveling more comfortable and stress-free. I can’t wait to see how these trends develop!  o

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